Don’t Slave To Societal Norms

Everybody wants to change the world.

Butt does anybody really do it?

Most of us sit on our bootys day in and day out. We go to our jobs, we kiss our partner, and we say our lives are fulfilled. But are they really? What if we could be doing more? What if we could free ourselves from the belief that ‘life is life’ and we have to follow it according to a certain schedule or with specific standards?

The best thing I ever did in my life was place myself waaay outside of my comfort zone. The more I did it, the more addicting it became. It altered me intellectually (in a positive way of course!) I had this overwhelming epiphany that life didn’t need to be this routine machine of madness and that I was capable of taking the reigns and making my own agendas.

That’s where Naked in Nature came in… bare with me.

I’m an avid hiker and during a sunny hike one day I just decided ‘eff it, my clothes are coming off‘.

It was awkward, funny, uncomfortable and risky. But I loved it. I switched up my routine and LIVED my life in a way that I WANTED. Those societal norms that tell us the human body is offensive and needs to be hidden? I say BYYYYEEE.

In that moment I realized how ridiculous it was that I’m constantly required to hide the skin on my bum and the tint of my areola. I mean, what’s more offensive? The fact that I may offend somebody with what’s on my body, or the fact that somebody would be offended by what my genetics has created?

Now, imagine if we could take this concept one step further – by simply getting Naked in Nature we could change the way we along with others view our bodies. We learn to love them, rather than hide them. We learn to celebrate them, rather than sexualize them. It’s simple. It’s actionable. And anybody can do it. It just takes a little stepping out of our comfort zones as well as a little appreciation for the unknown. Nothing good ever came from stagnation.

Let’s change our mindset.

One. Naked. Hike. At. A. Time.

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