What is ‘naturism’?

Growing up, I used to think nudists were a bunch of weirdos. I mean really, who lounges around without clothes? But you could also take that sentence and flip it, to be something like ‘I mean really, who lounges around WITH clothes’? Why is either one better than the other? I can tell you that neither is – it all comes down to personal opinion and perspective.

Not every person has to enjoy being nude, however, I can tell you that I haven’t yet met somebody who has tried being Naked in Nature and didn’t like it. The realization of doing it is always the same: ‘wow, I can’t believe how natural this feels’ or ‘Darn it Martha, I feel so free and connected’.

No, nudists are not creepy people who want everybody to see their privates. They don’t lounge around comparing sizes and body parts (or atleast in my experience they don’t). They are just like you and me and everybody else you’ve ever met with the exception of a little bit more freedom under their belt (or belly?). It’s an interesting thing getting naked with friends because initially you would think you would be self-conscious and looking at each others goodies when in reality you tend to forget they exist. It’s not as awkward as you think.

So why do this in nature? In my opinion, it’s the most connected to our true selves you’ll ever be. You’ve stripped yourself free of name brand clothing, of your ‘identity’, only to be brought back into the most basic identity of a human mixed among the Earth and the trees. Isn’t that where we all started before we entered the era of materialism? I think we deserve to remind ourselves of the simple joys in life.


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