WordTalk : 1


a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility.

I’ve realized the importance recently of being still, cutting myself of as much movement and thoughts as possible. How often do we do this in our day-to-day? Almost never. There’s always stimuli, distractions, the list of to-do’s.

It’s rare that on top of the cooking, the social gatherings, the housework, the real work, we find time for JUST ourselves. 

We start acting like robots with responses that are automatic or habitual, losing our sense of self. We step out of the moment and into task accomplishments forgetting to appreciate what’s infront of us. Soon enough, our days are mixed up and we can’t even remember what we did yesterday.

The fast-forward button gets hit and January becomes March, March becomes September, then suddenly we wonder, but where did the summer go?  It was there, every. damn. day. But we weren’t. We were too busy thinking about the next day to ever be present, so the present day slid by. Don’t let it!

Take the time to slow down. To introspect. To be grateful.

R e p o s e

It makes such a difference.

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