About NIN

You’re here for a reason.

You either know who we are, or you’re wondering what the heck the craze is all about. Why are people getting naked… in nature?!

Because, these people are looking for adventure, are tired of societal norms pressuring them to act or dress a certain way, and want freedom over their bodies.

Pretty. Simple.

Our community began on Instagram with the account @naked.in.nature as a way for the founder to post personal photos of her experiences in nature. Soon enough, photos were submitted from bootys all over the world and just look at that – people actually like the feeling of taking their clothes off.

Our vision is for a positive future:

  • where no colour, size or sexuality affects a persons fit into their culture
  • where people challenge themselves to leave their comfort zones and do something fun like get NIN.

Unfortunately, many societies are far from this ideology and although getting Naked in Nature won’t 100% change this, it’s atleast a start.

Join our movement. Lose your inhibitions. Experience total liberation.